Hive Entrance Feeders
Hive Entrance Feeders

Hive Entrance Feeders

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Cheap and easy feeder to build your nuc or hive up with sugar water. Fits on a standard water bottle so you can feed 1:1 or 2:1 sugar water. We regularly use them with a 1 liter (.25 gallon) bottle to strengthen up our hives. Fill up your bottle, screw on the entrance feeder, and in the hive entrance. The feeder can quickly and easily be refilled without disturbing your colony. 

Not recommended if you have ant or robbing problems. We would suggest an in-hive feeder if you do.  

  • Width: approx. 8cm/3.15"
  • Total Length: approx. 15.5cm/6.10"
  • Bottle not included
  • Pack of 10